Fully Loaded Nvidia Shield
Fully Loaded Nvidia ShieldFully Loaded Nvidia ShieldFully Loaded Nvidia ShieldFully Loaded Nvidia Shield

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1x Nvidia Shield TV Preloaded with Emulators

1x 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Wired Controller(Free USB HUB for 3+ Controllers)

1x 250GB External Hard Drive Preloaded w/ Games

1x Power cable  


15,000+ Games Including

Nintendo Entertainment System(NES)
Super Nintendo
Nintendo 64
Game Boy / Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo DS
Sega Master System / Genesis / SG1000
Sega Dreamcast
Atari 2600, 7800, Lynx
Turbo Grafx
Apple II
Commodore 64
Coleco Vision

And Many More! - View Complete Game List

To add different controllers, visit our Controller Page!

Quick and Friendly Support - Check out our Facebook page after you purchase our system for tutorial videos and for any questions you might have.  

Home Media Center – Netflix, Hulu, Disney +,  Kodi can all be hooked up on your Nvidia Shield. You can also setup live TV on the device and combined with the gaming you have the ultimate home media center.



New orders will ship next business day. We ship out of St. Augustine Florida to almost anywhere in the world. Please note if you have a customized game list it will take a few more days for your order to go out as we have to adjust each systems game list manually.

Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews
Alan Kennedy
Two time customer wishing you success

This is a great system and I enjoyed talking retro games with you guys via email. I wish you all the success and will tell my friends and family. Personally I prefer the Shield but both are great honestly.

Sylvester Gilbert
Feels like buying a system from gamers

The controllers are a bit different than we anticipated but I think we like them better than the ones advertised.

Gail B
Whole family loves it!!!

I added a huge list of games and most of them work great. Though there are a few GameCube games I wish ran better. The system is awesome for streaming too I still need to get all my streaming addons moved to it.

Reed Singer
A+++ product and customer service

Everything was made right. You took care of what I was asking for and you also have been very understanding of my situation. Thank you for the wonderful and fun product. Must buy.

Mario Akers

saw ad on facebook and been looking for a retro device for awhile. Bought standard retro drive August 2020. Order was processed and shipped out right away. Took about 3-5 days to receive. Overall, this really is a great product. There are a lot of retro devices and such out there but what really made a difference was the excellent customer service provided from Aimee. If there are any problems what so ever its corrected right away. Emails are answered promtly, and they genuinely care about their services and products. I had a few lag issues on the 64roms/games in which Aimee has taken the time to help fix/correct the issues. Other than that the experience is priceless. All of the SEGA/Nintento/and Super Nintento games I remembered from my child hood right there in one place with priceless memories I get to relive and play. This is a great gift idea for loved ones! Also it won't let me change my review from the Nvidia Shield but I bought the Standard as mentioned.

Matthew Moore
Great Product!!

I order the Shield and it runs great. I had a slight problem about finding a game and they helped out big time. Just be wary that the GameCube games will not run at full speed. Not the product's fault but more of the GameCube specs. Other wise everything runs well and with the huge selection of games it is well worth the price.

Ralph Lucero
Bought this unit on April 13th.

Although the store shows all orders ship next day, this was not the case. I understand covid19 is making it harder to build and ship but I paid for this on April 13th and received it April 30th so shipping next day for my unit just didn’t happen. The main reason I bought the holiday bundle system was I asked if they could include Ken Griffey Jr presents Major League Baseball for the N64, which I was told they could do. So I bought my unit along with a N64 style controller and when the unit arrived the only game I asked about is not loaded. I’ve played a few NES and SNES and the games play and look ok. Almost like the original. I don’t mind the wait time but specifically asking about a game and being told it would be on my unit and then not getting it was disappointing. I’ve tried to reach out to them twice but as of now I haven’t heard back. If they fix my issue, I will update my review. A week later I received a memory card with the game I wanted. I am now very happy and can honestly say this company is legit.

Christopher Gross
tastefully wonderful

Insanely talented individuals you’ll be more than pleased. So much love has gone into this product and it shows!

Alex Brown

Loving the retro gaming experience.

Benjamin Brown

Nvidia Shield arrived quickly and works great.

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